Our Story

Five years ago, freshly released from the military, a friend recommended that Josh try making homemade cold brew. He began and immediately became addicted. For two years Josh worked on the recipe, improving it until reaching a superior recipe. During that period of time, requests for his cold brew grew among friends and peers.

One day it hit Josh- he had the perfect recipe for a delicious drink that is both quality and healthy. Josh enjoyed the process so much that he decided to pass the message on to the palates of as many people as possible. Within days Wild Dog was chosen as the name- taken from a picture of cold brew with his cute and calm dog playing in the background, yet completely wild. From there Josh began a journey and sales began.


At first it was by word of mouth, then via the internet until supply of branded personal bottles to Tel Avivian vendors commenced. Today, after a successful pilot run in Summer 2019 that included distribution to Rothschilda, Cafe Annabelle, and more. Wild Dog Cold Brew is currently serving businesses and office with nitro cold brew on tap!